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Quality Control
Through our comprehensive Quality Control Program, TQM is able to thoroughly monitor our performance and the cleanliness of the facilities we maintain. TQM requires that Account Managers, Supervisors and Leads all perform Quality Control (QC) Inspections on a monthly basis at minimum. We have developed and utilize our own Quality Control application that is tailored to individual accounts based on the type of facility or campus it is – corporate, medical, multi-tenant, athletic/event facility, etc. We are committed to using a standardized format so we have consistency across channels. This format is used by any and all TQM staff performing QC Inspections, which allows us to collect consistent relevant data in pertinent areas. As data is collected, it is reviewed and analyzed by managers with the janitorial staff and corrective measures are taken until any problem areas fall within above average range.

TQM believes that Quality Control Inspections are most effective when the managers and clients are on the same page in terms of specifications, standards and expectations. TQM account managers encourage clients to walk the facilities and perform inspections together so items of concern can be addressed immediately. If they are not performed together it is important that results are communicated to TQM so we are able to rectify any issues without delay. TQM takes very seriously all issues, large and small, and will not tolerate incompetence, less than acceptable performance and repetitive issues. We are determined to maintain an exceptionally high quality of service and believe that through a structured QC program we have the ability to do so.