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Green Cleaning
Bay Area Green Business Total Quality Maintenance, Inc. is committed to providing healthy, clean and well-maintained buildings by following green cleaning practices and procedures as required by USGBC LEED-EB/NC and Global Ecolabeling standards. The green cleaning policy that TQM has created and adopted involves our purchasing of products, our practices and training of our custodial staff and our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment. Through this policy it is TQM’s goal to maintain good indoor air quality, to increase occupant health and comfort, to assure a clean building and to provide a healthy environment for the custodial crew.

We are a Bay Area Green Business of Santa Clara County. Some specifications of our Green Cleaning include:

Meet Requirements for All Cleaning Equipment to include:
High Filtration Vacuum Cleaners, ergonomically-designed Floor
Buffers, Burnishers, Scrubbers, Extractors, etc.
Maintain documentation of repair and maintenance of powered
cleaning equipment.
Use of color-coded active microfiber technology to reduce
cleaning chemical consumption, eliminate cross-contamination
and reduce waste.

Occupant Recycling & Disposal Program
Separation, collection and storage of materials for recycling including paper, glass, plastics, cardboard, metals, batteries, fluorescent lamps and compostable items.

Follow Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy
TQM maintains a policy addressing sustainable cleaning systems, use of sustainable cleaning products, use of chemical concentrates and dilution systems, proper training of custodial personnel in the hazards, use maintenance and disposal of cleaning chemicals and use of cleaning equipment that reduces impacts on indoor air quality (IAQ) and the environment.

Recommend and implement use of EPA Compliant
Paper & Plastic Products which meets requirement
percentages of Total Recycled Content &
Post Consumer Waste to include:

Bathroom Tissue
Paper Towels & Napkins
Facial Tissue
Plastic Trash Liners

Use of Sustainable Cleaning Products &
Dilution Control Systems

GS-37 Green Seal Certified Cleaners
GS-40 Floor Finish (Zinc-free) and Floor Finish Strippers
GS-41 Hand Soaps (no fragrance or antibacterial agents)

Recommend and implement Entryway Matting Systems
Entryway Matting Systems to comply with USGBC LEED-EB guidelines.