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About Us
Owner Peter Vesanovic has been working in the janitorial industry since 1979. Peter was hired by one of the biggest janitorial corporations in the Peninsula as Operations Director and quickly became a partner. He was responsible for overseeing all operations managers and all contracted clients equaling over 10 million square feet of space. After 17 years of handling accounts such as LSI Logic, Stanford University, Coherent Inc., San Jose Mercury News and Koll Real Estate Services, Peter left the Company to start exploring some ideas of his own. He began receiving dozens of phone calls from previous clients asking him what his plan was as they wanted to continue working with him. After much encouragement and persuasion, Total Quality Maintenance, Inc. came into being.

He started the company with only a couple of accounts but once his previous clients knew that Peter was behind the operation, TQM grew quickly. His wife Dee, an accountant and bookkeeper of many years, came on board to manage the books and payroll. Sarita, his eldest daughter, joined them to support operations, learn the business and assist with quality assurance, sales, marketing and training. Sarita is now running operations while Peter is still very involved but taking a lesser role. Two of his other daughters, Monica and Liz, have also joined the company. Monica works with Dee on the accounting and bookkeeping side, while Liz manages the marketing and sales departments as well as a few large accounts.

TQM is known as one of the most reputable, professional and trustworthy janitorial companies in the Peninsula. TQM’s supervisory staff has over 75 years of experience in the industry and provides excellent service at competitive rates. We pride ourselves in being proactive with clients and building strong relationships with them.